The first Ionic toothbrush experience.
Clean your teeth using ions.
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New innovative technology

Before cleaning

Dental plaque is held on teeth with opposite polarity (-) by means of positively charged ions (+), and thus forms an ionic bond.

Get your brush and hand wet

Gently grasp the toothbrush with a damp finger or palm in the area of ​​the metal tape and brush your teeth as usual.

During cleaning

Ionization disrupts the ionic bond between plaque and tooth, thereby repelling plaque from the surface of the teeth toward the brush head.
Ionic technology
Ionickiss toothbrushes uses negative ions to remove bacteria and plaque from your teeth.
How to use Ionickiss
Simple and enjoyable tooth brushing experience.
Brushes and replacement heads
Different types of brushes for different types of teeth. Find out which one is best for you.
Ionickiss products
For better tooth brushing performance, check out our other products. Ionickiss brings oral hygiene to another level.