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Easy-to-use, the body is a lightweight and simple design that is easy to grip even for small hands.

Operates using ordinary batteries. Safe for those who are using one for the first time, this is an ideal electric toothbrush that removes plaque easily with gentle action, using the ionic effect, which loosens dental plaque’s bond.

Mode for everyone

Offers three modes of sonic vibration that are ideal for every type of periodontal care.

3 brushing modes – Clean, White+, GumCare.

All IONPA brushes have a Smart Timer function. The Smart Timer pauses every 30 seconds, three times in every two-minute session, to remind the user of the recommended two-minute optimal brushing time.

2 AAA Batteries that lasts over two months (if you brush twice a day).

IONPA challenges the myth “more strokes means cleaner teeth” with a new guideline of 22,000 strokes. While more comfortable and gum-friendly than most electric toothbrushes, combined with our ionic technology, which depolarizes and loosens its bond, plaque is easily removed with gentler brushing.

Compatibile with different replacement heads. From a compact size for kids to a wide-body version that cleans and massages larger surfaces.